Russian Lutheran Church Abroad (RLCA) is the project and new stracture of International Church District of ELCAC. Being a part of historical lutheran church which started it’s history in 17th century, we, keeping traditions and russian rite of Lutheranism, want to share it with others.

RLCA is high church with 3 levels of clergy – deacons, priests (pastors) and bishops. We following Apostolic Succession and believe that without it church cannot be real and Holy. We also keep idea that our history started at the time of Christ, walking together with One Holy Church before Great Schism, then continue it’s way with Roman Catholic, separated from Pope in 16th century, and from Germany came to Russia, being there for few centuries until Russian Revolution and keeping traditions after that abroad, then back to Russia with German, Finish and Latvian pastors in late 20th century, ready to be around the World in 21th century.

Being conservative church, we never bless same-sex relationship and marriage, never agree with women clergy and homosexual clergy. 

We are not believe in ecumenical relationship. But we believe in¬†convergence between churches. It means that we can found some parts of our faith, which will be the same in our churches, and make Intercommunion. We believe that it’s God’s will do not separate but connect.

Our church living on Small and Large Cathechism of Martin Luther, and our believe based on Augsburg Confession. We also can call ourself “Reformed catholics” or “Old-Lutherans”.

More information about our believe you can found on the page Doctrine.

If you want to be a part of our clergy, please read page Join first, then contact us.